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How many pictures does Rick need?


- As many as you are able to take, however, one good side photo is sufficient.


Should photos be sent as a hard copy or digitally?


- Digital is easier and allows us to zoom in on details while painting.


Do I need a girth measurement to order?


- If you can get it......great. If not, Rick can estimate it from the photo.


Do I need to place a deposit upon ordering?


- Yes, a $200 deposit is required to get started.


What payment forms are accepted?


- Cash, check, money order and all major credit cards.

What is the average turn around time?


- 8 to 10 months


What are the shipping options if unable to pick up at the studio?


- We ship anywhere within the continental U.S. through UPS and Spee Dee Delivery Service. We can ship internationally, however, the customer will need an international account set up.


Can you deliver my fish at one of the shows for pick up?


- Yes, we are at the Ohio, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minnesota, and Wausau Shows.


How long does a mount last before the quality begins to fade?


- Quality will never fade, we suggest cleaning your mount with roll towel dampened with windex.


Can a mount be repaired?


- Yes, if you bring a mount into the studio we will price repairs based on the severity of the damage.


If I choose to order just my fish, no driftwood or plaque how does it hang?


- There is a 5"x8" wood block on the back of the mount with a leveled hanger.

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