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500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

Single-sided replicas are $22.95 an inch - Single-sided replicas are for wall hanging mounts. They are fully complete on one side as well as 20% over the top and 20% under the bottom. 

Double-sided replicas are $32.95 an inch - Double-sided replicas are for pedestal mounts, coffee table mounts, and all around viewing. 


Please stop by the studio or call to order (715) 547-3710.


To order a replica Rick needs a clear picture of the fish you caught, and if possible making sure not to distress the fish a girth measurement. If unable to get a girth, with years of practice Rick is able to estimate a girth based on the photo.


Posing options include: S-Curve (most popular), Reverse Curve, Straight, Tail Down, and Reverse S-Curve


Typical turn around time from order placement to delivery is 8 to 10 months.

Large Plaque - $195 for fish over 40 inches, $95 for fish under 40 inches

Small Plaque - $60

Driftwood - $75 for fish over 40 inches, $50 for fish under 40 inches

Rock and Driftwood Combination - $195

Rock - $150

Enclosed Case with Glass & LED Lights - $1,950




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​​Saturday: Appointment Only

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Contact Information:

(715) 547-3710


5455 US Hwy 45 

Conover, WI 54519

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